Tuesday, December 14, 2010

COD Blackops Hacks Update

We just updated the Blackops Hacks with a Santa Bot just in time for the Holiday Season! What does the Santa Bot do you ask? It places a Santa hat on every player in the game. The coder also updated the hack to have no recoil and to fire through walls. If you love Santa and would rather not fire bullets into him you can simply access our graphic menu anytime in the game and simply mouse click to turn the feature off. The hack is 100% undetected and will beat any other hack in the world. Our website has been online for 5 years and we had the first ever Blackops Hacks released online. Download our Blackops Cheats now and win every round you play.

Blackops Cheats
Blackops Cheats
Blackops Cheats

Monday, December 6, 2010

Blackops Hacks Updated

We just made a major update on our Blackops Hacks as you can see below in the new update list. Our hacks are still number one in the world and can beat any other blackops hacks released. Simply click here for more information, screenshots, movies and then you can join VIP as well for instant access.

New Features Added to Our Blackops Cheat Today
- Esp for RCXD, Planes, Helicopters, Sentries and Dogs implemented now + teamcheck. No teamcheck (yet) for explosives.
- Aimbot does not aim automatically anymore when in vehicle/using killawards. The aimbot for the chopper gun has been fixed aswell, but it does not autoshoot anymore. When you're driving a RCXD now it will not detonate automatically anymore.
- The hack also displays the ESP now when the localplayer is not alive, when you die while using a chopper for example.
- The visibility check now works 100% of the time for super accurate kills.
- Autowall has been updated so you can fire through thin walls.
- The aimbot will also aim through non-broken windows as well.
- Dropped weapons will display it's weaponname now instead of just "Weapon".
Blackops Cheat
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