Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blackops Hacks 30 Kills - 0 Deaths

Our Blackops Hacks are so good you can go through an entire round and not die even once if you want to rage kill and just rank up as fast as possible. While other COD7 Blackops Cheat sites are being detected our cheats are still 100% undetected as of today. We were the first site out with a fully working 40+ featured hack and we are the site with the most experience. Call of Duty Black Ops is the fastest selling game to date in the franchise, so join our VIP site now and get every unlock and super high ranks with 200,000 other members. Become a Black Ops Cheats VIP Today!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

First COD7 Blackops Hack Released

We were already featured around the world for having our Blackops Hack released for COD7. We had the hack fully running 4 hours before the USA release date for PC. We have over 30 active features including aimbot, auto aim, bone scan, spammer and so much more. The really great news is we also give you access to 5 other Call of Duty hacks free! So click here and get VIP now.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Black Ops Hack Release

Blackops Hack

Our new blackops hack will be released the same day the game goes live on PC. Our coder has worked day and night on the aimbot system and every other feature we plan to include with the release. We will show off a video and screenshots of the full hack a few hours after the game goes live so keep checking back. You can pre order your VIP access to make sure you get the Blackops Hack on day one of our release. Click here to get VIP access now.

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